Semi Farewell?

Well this is my 20th post and the last requirement for my campaign blog this semester.

I felt like this an appropriate picture to express my joy… Haha I rock the blue snuggie.

Anyways, the reason I’m titling this post “Semi-Farewell” is because even though the requirements for this class is over, I will still be updating this blog with my food truck adventures in the upcoming future. Continue reading

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Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie

Ever seen a fancy food truck that serves whole rotisserie chickens?

Well now you have.

This food trucks shows up at almost every farmer’s market around the Bay Area.

Herb infused, free range rotisserie chicken, organic rosemary fingerling potatoes, tender Sonoma Valley lamb and juicy, crispy porchetta are just a few of the tantalizing delights that have earned Roli Roti the nickname, ‘Grandfather of Gourmet Street Food’. Continue reading

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Soulnese Food Truck

Asian food for the soul? Sounds legit.

I ran into this beauty of a food truck with my dad at the Movable Feast at San Pedro Square in downtown San Jose.

Founded by two real brothers with a common vision and two “brothers”; Brother Yin and Brother Yang were respectively raised in classic neo-soul and Filipino heritage, with a fine appreciation of all things food.  Continue reading

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Road Dogs

Anyone else remember the “Ride Warrior” song that Great America promoted?


Imagine that playing in your head but replace it with “Road Dogs” and that’s my thought process when I saw the truck pop up on RoamingHunger.

Carpe Diem spurt of the moment, I jumped out of my bed and called up a homie to try it out.

Continue reading

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Gold Rush Eatery

“Hearty and wholesome food served to the people of the greater East Bay Area. Gold Rush Eatery is a mobile food service truck that quenches the hunger of even the most voracious of appetites.” – Straight off their Facebook Page created at the end of May this year.


A relatively new food truck, Gold Rush Eatery was founded by Kris Zankich who thought owning a food truck would be more exciting than restaurant.

I’m not entirely sure why it looks like there’s a golden leaf thingy on the side of the tuck but it managed to get my attention. Continue reading

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Grandma Catherine Homemade Foods

Who doesn’t love their grandma’s cooking?!


This Saturday I went to San Pedro Square located in Downtown San Jose with some family in search of a tasty lunch.

A clean looking food truck, Grandma Catherine’s Homemade Foods was an eye grabber. The visual attraction was just a bonus and the appeal of “Grandma’s cooking” seemed like too good of an opportunity to pass by. Continue reading

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BBQ Kalbi

Korean Fusion Food. Sound familiar?

BBQ Kalbi is what I would consider a knock off MoGo’s BBQ. Then again, to be fair, I am a bit biased towards MoGo’s knowing the general manager and being a huge fan of their food that got me interested in the food truck scene.

I approached this particular food truck with an open mind with a slight overcast of doubt.  Continue reading

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An The Go

Garlic. Noodles. Can you say YES?!

The An Family started serving Garlic Noodles when they first opened their first restaurant, Thanh Long, in 1971. Their popularity spread so much that the An Family was able to open another restaurant called Crustacean and go mobile.

An The Go Food Truck is Vietnamese based and their name is a little pun by pronouncing the “An” like “Anh” or “On”.

Continue reading

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How exotic does Peruvian Sangucheria sound to you?

The Sanguchon Food Truck was founded by Chef Carlos Altamirano, the owner of three Bay Area award winning restaurants: Mochica, Piqueos and La Costanera, winner of 2012-2013 Michellin Star!

I have never tried Peruvian food but it sounds exotic enough to tickle my taste buds of curiosity. So when I found this foreign beauty of mobile appeal my stomach made up my mind. Continue reading

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Sam’s ChowderMobile

Sam’s Lobster Roll is among the Top Five Sandwiches in America according to NBC’s The Today Show.

Now if that doesn’t get your attention, you obviously don’t like sandwiches or lobster.

This mouthwatering sandwich sensation originated in Sam’s Chowder House overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Half Moon Bay. Their scrumptious food became so popular and well-liked that they decided to go mobile like other success stories.

When I heard that Sam’s ChowderMobile was going to be at the Movable Feast on Friday, I had to go with no hesitations. Continue reading

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