Movable Eats!

Imagine sitting home alone with nothing to do but surf Facebook.

That’s how I started my Friday afternoon until I stumbled on a Facebook Event titled, “Movable Feast: Willow Glen“. A feast fit for a king hosted by food trucks held somewhere close by my house? Needless to say, this wonderful sign of fate did not have to urge me any further.

After some quick research about the time and exact address, I armed myself with a camera, cash, and an empty stomach yearning for some unique food items. The venue was held at the Curtner VTA Station in San Jose, 5pm-9pm. There was adequate parking space when I arrived around 5:30 but the lot was filling up faster than I expected.

There was about 15 food trucks lined up at the feast, some definitely more popular than others. The ones with the longest lines were called: Sam’s Chowdermobile, Soulnese, Little Chef, Treatbot, and Fairycakes. As I wandered from truck to truck checking out the food selections I could overhear the happy conversations of people all around doing the same. There was a happy vibe in the atmosphere as we were all united by the common purpose of enjoying good food.

I decided to try out Little Chef and I’ll let my pictures do most of the talking for me.

For clarification, I loved Little Chef! I ordered their Meat Lovers Poutine (pronounced poo-teen), which gave an ample serving of french fries drenched with gravy, laded with short rib, and topped off with melted cheddar cheese curds. Absolute fireworks in my mouth that made my stomach do flips of joy nonstop. Granted, their prices might seem a bit pricey to your average college student when the portions don’t seem to justify the price but keep in mind you’re here for the food truck experience not a sit down dine in.

I have the utmost respect for people who can work long hours in a food truck having worked in the food business myself for two years. Anyways, besides Little Chef, I was able to try out a few other food trucks that I’ll be posting about later. The pictures above have the Facebook & Twitter pages if any of you are interested.

To receive a schedule of all the upcoming Movable Feasts via email, here’s the link:

Their Twitter:

And lastly their official website:

Thanks for reading!

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