Ever heard of the food truck called Treatbot?

Well you should have and if you haven’t, just keep on reading!

This food truck also called the “Karaoke Ice Cream Truck From The Future” has some flavors most people have never heard of. They make their own scrumptious and mouth watering ice cream flavors only limited by the imagination of their makers. For example, their famous and local flavor named 408, from a San Jose area code, has vanilla, caramel, fudge, and brownies all in one delicious scoop. My favorite flavor would probably have to be Ube since I’m full Filipino, I love Halo-Halo, and purple ice cream is just awesome.

A unique feature about this special ice cream food truck is the karaoke machine for the few, brave souls willing to bust out a song in public. If you score higher than a 90, not only will you feel good about your singing abilities but you get a free ice cream! Personally, I’ve only seen one or two people willing to put themselves out there on the karaoke machine who have been prodded on by the constant urging of their friends or passing people shouting words of encouragement.

Their prices are reasonable for the two plentiful scoops of ice cream they give you in a waffle cone or cup. Their sandwich cookie is only $1 more to have your favorite flavor sandwiched between your choice of tasty cookies! Overall, I would have recommend this ice cream food truck if you’re looking for a sweet delectable treat on the go. Plus, there’s always that bonus to go with your friends and make them sing on the karaoke in public.








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Thanks for reading!

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