If you live in the Silicon Valley and you know what food trucks are, chances are you’ve heard of MoGo’s, one of the most popular mobile food trucks based in the Bay Area.

Their mouth-watering creations of delight have garnered the adoring fans of thousands, including a solid 21k of likes on their Facebook page and 17k followers on Twitter.

This movable feast of deliciousness takes ordinary food like tacos, burritos, sliders, quesadillas, and hot dogs and gives them a Korean flair by adding ingredients like spicy, pork, kimchi, tofu, and short rib.

MoGo’s was actually the first food truck I ever tried when I was still a junior in high school. My friend was a huge fan of MoGo’s and dragging me along saying, “You have NOT lived if you have not tried MoGo’s.”

Needless to say my first experience of eating from MoGo’s was a factor of inspiration that led me to blog about Food Trucks. The Korean BBQ in a burrito format seemed like such a simple concept but tasted so good at the same time.

If you’re looking for their cheapest item, their authentic tacos with the choice of short rib, chicken, pork, or even tofu are all steeped in their savory bbq sauce and cost only $2. Their  main seller and my personal favorite would have to be the short rib burrito ($7). It’s a fairly big burrito stuffed with short rib, melted cheese, kimchi fried rice, slaw, and “secret” sauce creating a beautiful tasty, gooey, combination of stomach fulfilling flavor.

Their Official Website:

Their Facebook Page:

And their Twitter Page:

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