Donut truck

What’s your guilty pleasure? Donuts? A juicy west angus burger? What about the most intoxicating health defying creation that combines them both?

On another Friday evening at the weekly Movable Feast on Curtner, I walked around the assortment of food trucks with one goal in mind: Try something new.

That evening I had actually persuaded one of my good friends to join me on some food truck tasting shenanigans with the promise of an experience that was truly unique.  As if fate itself willed my promise true, lo behold, a bright pink truck named Donut.

With the incessant urging of my friend and the lure of a truly unique menu, my taste buds were committed to trying this doughy madness.

I have never tasted such a concoction such as The Wild West Burger. The initial bite was literally an explosion of flavor that still has me reeling just thinking about it. You get the sweet glazed donut taste combined with meaty texture of angus beef lightly marinated with hickory bbq sauce. Almost too much for my taste buds to handle, I had to take a pause to process all that had happened.

Grinning at my friend, who had ordered the Dough Burger, we both agreed that this was definitely an experience we would never forget about. Honestly, it was probably one of the unhealthiest food items I have ever consumed but how many people do you know that have eaten a burger with donuts instead of bread?!

Overall, I would have to tell my followers that you must try this food truck whenever the opportunity presents itself. Not the healthiest food truck but it has a menu that will be neigh impossible to find elsewhere.

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