Curry UpNow

Indian Street Food… Honestly, I have never been the biggest fan of Indian food because I’m not huge on the whole ‘mouth-on-fire’ effect that I tend to get trying their dishes.

However, putting fears and previous experiences aside, I decided to plunge in the world of spice and curry.

I found this colorful food truck screaming for my attention parked in another Movable Feast I attended. The line of people was decently long and the aroma wafting out was the last straw in deciding to try it out for myself.

The first menu item I decided to tackle was their Chicken Tikka Misala over rice which was $8. Now chicken is practically impossible to mess up but the whole ‘Tikka Misala’ I am told is supposed to have a very specific taste. Since the only type of Tikka Misala I’ve had was out of a box from Trader’s Joe, I can’t say I’m the leading expert on Tikka Misala but in terms of taste and wow factor, Curry UpNow is bursting through the roof!

The dish definitely packed a walloping punch of spice but nothing a glass of cold water couldn’t help. I’m not a big fan of beans either but their rice was the perfect compliment to their chicken.

Like I mentioned earlier, I may not know Tikka Misala that well but I am a full blooded Filipino who eats rice with every staple meal and I can say with 100% confidence that their rice (palaw) was beautiful. Combine that beautiful rice with an explosion of flavor dancing in my mouth I have to change my views on Indian food.

It’s also come to my attention that Curry UpNow has been so successful in the Bay Area (over 12k likes on fb) that they recently opened up a restaurant in San Mateo. More information can be found on their official website page which I posted below and here’s a link to a video straight from their site detailing their transition: Video

Their Official Website Page:

Their Facebook Page:

Their Twitter Page:

Thanks for reading!

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