Ever wonder what one of the perks of being a food truck blogger?

People start to tell you about upcoming food trucks to review and try out.

This Tuesday, some Filipino friends of mine told me to go try out this Filipino food truck (yumsilog) on campus that I have never heard of, so needless to say, I went out and tried it.

Parked right next to Robert’s bookstore, Yumsilog, was contributing to an on-campus Filipino fraternity (AKOmega) fundraiser from 11am-2pm. Conveniently for me, I got out of class at 11:45 along with several of my friends, called them up and away we went.

I loved the decor on the food truck itself or at least I thought the bamboo sticks were a nice authentic touch. Since the friends that went with me were mostly non-Filipino, I had the background knowledge to help them try out Filipino food that was I was raised on. Since most of the menu items were (insert filipino food) silog, I explained to my friends that silog was a traditional Filipino breakfast that includes an over easy egg with some garlic fried rice.

Since chicken adobo is one of the most popular Filipino dishes, I decided to get the chicken adobo silog so I could more adequately critique it to others I have tasted. My friends also tried the BBQ pork silog which I tried as well.

Having tasted my fair share of chicken adobo, I had to admit that it tasted surprisingly well . It wasn’t too oily, had the right blend of soy sauce and vinegar, and the chicken was tasty as always. My mom’s cooking would probably top theirs but that’s obviously a biased opinion. If you’re not Filipino, their chicken adobo would be the safest bet for a well satisfying and quality meal. The bbq pork on the other hand was unfortunately lacking in punch of flavor but the runny egg and their amazing garlic rice definitely made up for it.

If you’ve never had Filipino food, try it. If you have, try it anyways. Haha always have to promote Filipino food and this food truck gives Filipino food its justice compared to others.

Their Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yumsilog/111263255624152

Their Twitterhttps://twitter.com/Yumsilog

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