Some Thoughts

Just because I feel like this is an issue relevant enough to address: the debate on whether or not to eat a food truck because of prices.

Since this blog is mainly targeted at college students, I understand college students are on a “college student budget”, however I don’t think that should be a major dissuasive factor for trying out food trucks.

Sure food truck‘s items can go all the way up to $10 but let me remind you potential food truck eaters, eating from a food truck is also part of the experience you’re paying for. Food trucks need to make a living and if a food truck doesn’t have a scheduled and regular spot, customers can be hard to find.

Try to consider it from their point of view and realize that on top of serving customers the unique and best creations they can muster, it is also a business, and a business needs to make profit to stay afloat. When you pay that extra one dollar or two dollar for a donut west angus burger or a poutineere, you’re also paying for their service and the experience you’re getting out of the food truck.

When you go out looking for food trucks, try not to be dissuaded by the prices you see on the menu but keep an open mind and concentrate more on whether or not the food looks appealing to eat.

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