Sam’s ChowderMobile

Sam’s Lobster Roll is among the Top Five Sandwiches in America according to NBC’s The Today Show.

Now if that doesn’t get your attention, you obviously don’t like sandwiches or lobster.

This mouthwatering sandwich sensation originated in Sam’s Chowder House overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Half Moon Bay. Their scrumptious food became so popular and well-liked that they decided to go mobile like other success stories.

When I heard that Sam’s ChowderMobile was going to be at the Movable Feast on Friday, I had to go with no hesitations.

Now the initial reaction coming face to face with the food truck was, “Holy ___, that is NOT cheap.” However, if you’ve been following my blog, I just wrote about how you have to keep an open mind whenever you’re eating at a food truck. In this case, the price was reasonably steep because they’re serving lobster, not some $5 pork chop.

Sam's ChowderMobile

If you want food considered high quality and deemed a luxury, don’t be stingy. It would actually be weirder for something with legitimate lobster to not be expensive.

Anyways, after combating the initial shock of the price ranges I was still dying to try the famous Lobster Roll that everyone raves about including my own parents!

For $10.62, I ordered the “shortie” full of Maine Lobster, lathered in warm butter, and set upon a glorious toasted bun. There’s a regular size for $16.16 but I have to keep in mind that I am on a college student budget. I also figured that a shortie should be decent enough to represent the famous roll I’ve heard so much about even if it was half the regular size.

When I got my order, I was actually surprised. It seems like they did everything in their power to stuff as much buttery lobster as they could fit in that 6 inch bun or so. Granted, I think I would have been disappointed if it was anything less so kudos to them in that regards.


The first bite… Did it live up to the hype? Yes. Yes. And YES again. I’ve had lobster before but I have to agree with the critics that lobster meat lathered with warm butter is insanely hard to beat. The lobster meat was so juicy and tender that I felt like I was biting into wonders of the ocean through flavor. Sam’s Lobster Roll is also sprinkled with a delicate blend of spices and complimented with diced celery.

Personally, I’m not too huge of a fan of celery but I have to admit, it did provide that savory crunchy balance to the huge tender pieces of lobster stuffed in the bun. I found myself savoring each bite letting the rich flavors dance in my mouth until the very end.

Overall, this food truck helps to promote the home restaurant in Half Moon Bay but it delivers the same quality you would have received there. If you’re not an avid seafood lover or if lobster doesn’t tickle your fancy this might not be the right food truck for you. However, if you love seafood and lobster is the ocean’s gift to your taste buds, this is a definite must try. The lobster roll will not disappoint but it will leave you craving more!

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