How exotic does Peruvian Sangucheria sound to you?

The Sanguchon Food Truck was founded by Chef Carlos Altamirano, the owner of three Bay Area award winning restaurants: Mochica, Piqueos and La Costanera, winner of 2012-2013 Michellin Star!

I have never tried Peruvian food but it sounds exotic enough to tickle my taste buds of curiosity. So when I found this foreign beauty of mobile appeal my stomach made up my mind.

A mobile Peruvian food truck based in San Francisco, Sanguchon serves hearty sandwiches stuffed with classic and contemporary Peruvian ingredients complimented with traditional sides.

SanguchonI apologize for the lack of better picture quality but by the time I managed to track down this food truck, it was already dark and I was only armed my Samsung Galaxy cellphone for a camera.

Accompanied with a friend, I decided to try their Pan con Chicharron, which is even advertised with a giant picture on their food truck. I knew what Chicharron was due to my Filipino background but I had no clue what “Pan con” stood for.


For $8, it came loaded with pork loin, fried sweet potatoes, marinated red onion, aji pepper and rocoto pepper aioli. The bun was crusty and toasted sandwiching this Peruvian masterpiece to edible form. The pork loin had the crispy edges that’s traditional of chicharron and managed to keep the lean, juicy texture.

The sweet potatoes were a bit unexpected but it added a nice sweetness in addition to the layer of lime-juice-pickled red onions to brighten up the sandwich. Overall, the sandwich was a pleasant treat that filled my craving for meat and satisfy curiosity of some Peruvian cuisine.

If you’re ever in the mood for a sandwich that’s not the typical Subway or Togo’s sandwich, I recommend trying out this food truck. There were a ton of other dishes and sides that I wasn’t able to try but from the Pan Con Chicharron I did try, I have a good feeling about the other items on the menu. Expand your cultural pallet for food my friends!

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Thanks for reading!

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