An The Go

Garlic. Noodles. Can you say YES?!

The An Family started serving Garlic Noodles when they first opened their first restaurant, Thanh Long, in 1971. Their popularity spread so much that the An Family was able to open another restaurant called Crustacean and go mobile.

An The Go Food Truck is Vietnamese based and their name is a little pun by pronouncing the “An” like “Anh” or “On”.

The same night I tried Sanguchon, my accompanying friend recommended I try out An The Go for their noodle combination. Granted, my friend is Vietnamese, so that may have been a bias on his part. Regardless, I still followed my friend’s recommendation because garlic noodles have irresistible pull on my stomach.


For $9, I ordered their An Family’s Garlic Noodles with Yuzu Shrimp Skewer.

The Yuzu Shrimp Skewer did not disappoint at all. It was thoroughly cooked and not burnt to a crisp. The garlic noodles on the other hand reminded me of spaghetti noodles. I think it was the butter but after munching through half of the generous serving of noodles, I was out of shrimps with a whole lot of noodles left.

Once the skewer was picked clean, finishing the rest of the garlic noodles became more of a chore. Never waste food! Especially dishes from a food truck.

Overall, I thought more the Garlic Noodle Combination was a bit more expensive than I thought it would be but the noodles are satisfyingly filling and are of considerable weight in your stomach. It might not hit a 10 on the taste factor but if you’re looking to get full from a food truck, their generous serving of garlic noodles will fill up that stomach of yours.

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