BBQ Kalbi

Korean Fusion Food. Sound familiar?

BBQ Kalbi is what I would consider a knock off MoGo’s BBQ. Then again, to be fair, I am a bit biased towards MoGo’s knowing the general manager and being a huge fan of their food that got me interested in the food truck scene.

I approached this particular food truck with an open mind with a slight overcast of doubt. Here’s a look at their menu:


Sorry again for the eh picture quality. I should really start leaving my camera in my car but my phone does at least a passable job.

If you can’t make out the wording on the top menu, the upper portion of the menu is divided into two sections: Taco and Burrito. The fillings or meats include Kalbi (Beef), Daejee (Spicy Pork), Spicy Pollo (Chicken), Teriyaki Pollo (Chicken), Tofu (Vegan), and Grilled Shrimp.

Tacos are $3 while a burrito is $8.50 sales tax included. Their specialty menu looked very appetizing but unfortunately that night I didn’t have a lot of cash on me and I like to tip in cash. Sigh, life a college student but I tried two of their tacos one with Kalbi Beef and the other Daejee Spicy Pork!


They weren’t exactly overflowing with meat so a few more chunks wouldn’t hurt. Taste wise, their flavor is passingly good. It’s not super through the roof but it’s not really bad tasting either?

I might have considered it a bit bland but thankfully they have some of the best condiments/sauce collection I’ve seen on a food truck. Their spicy mayo and spicy mango sauce were absolute taste savers!

The spicy mayo gave the taco the right amount of kick to make that ok taco into a yum taco. The spicy mango sauce was also a pleasant surprise adding some heat to the taco but with a blend of sweet flavor from the mango. If you’re considering eating at MoGo’s vs BBQ Kalbi I would still recommend MoGo’s but I wouldn’t ignore BBQ Kalbi if it was nearby. I probably need to try a few more of their specialties on their menu to put them in a better light but their sauces alone are a reason to try out this food truck.

Their Official Website:

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Thanks for reading!

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