Grandma Catherine Homemade Foods

Who doesn’t love their grandma’s cooking?!


This Saturday I went to San Pedro Square located in Downtown San Jose with some family in search of a tasty lunch.

A clean looking food truck, Grandma Catherine’s Homemade Foods was an eye grabber. The visual attraction was just a bonus and the appeal of “Grandma’s cooking” seemed like too good of an opportunity to pass by.Menu-for-GrandmaGrandma Catherine’s touts its pride in having “Gourmet Home Cooked Comfort Foods”.

As much as I wanted to try something unique and interesting, I couldn’t help but notice my stomach was craving comfort food that fills you up over the type of food that’s unique but not always filling.

I decided to stick with what I knew and ordered the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich for $8. It was described as “Fried Chicken Breast on Toasted Roll, Topped with Homemade Coleslaw”. Based off that description I expected something along the lines of a slightly better McChicken from McDonalds but oh boy was I pleasantly surprised.

At first glance the sandwich looks like a grilled cheese sandwich until you notice how thick it is. The sandwich was beautifully packed and generously heaped with rich creamy coleslaw that blows KFC‘s watery coleslaw out of the park. The fried chicken was two giant pieces of boneless breast, moist and tender to mouth watering goodness. It balanced the perfect amount of crispy and juicy to create this ultimate chicken sandwich. To give justice how fully loaded this simple fried chicken sandwich was, they put two toothpicks through each half just to try and contain the food from spilling out.


After doing some research I found out that Grandma Catherine’s is a relatively new food truck that has been making it’s debut through Movable Feast. It’s Facebook page was created this year in May so it’s following isn’t that established.

Personally, I’m pretty happy about finding this new gem of a food truck and I can’t wait for it to grow in terms of popularity. I’ll be revisiting this one soon enough to try more of their dishes.

If you have the chance to stumble across this food truck, TRY IT! The portions definitely seem worth the price and nothing makes your stomach happy like comfort food does.

Their Official Website:

Their Facebook:

Their Twitter:

Thanks for reading!

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