Road Dogs

Anyone else remember the “Ride Warrior” song that Great America promoted?


Imagine that playing in your head but replace it with “Road Dogs” and that’s my thought process when I saw the truck pop up on RoamingHunger.

Carpe Diem spurt of the moment, I jumped out of my bed and called up a homie to try it out.

Road Dogs was in the parking lot of Boston Scientific located in Santa Clara. I honestly had no idea what to expect for the fact that since “Dogs” was in its name, I assumed hot dogs were part of their specialty.


Literally in my sweatpants and a random sweater I threw on, my friend and I approached the truck with an open mind.

Road Dog’s didn’t look particularly appealing at first and rather on the plain style but we drove 20 minutes for this so there was no way we were leaving without trying anything.

Their menu was a pleasant surprise I have to admit. The most expensive item was only $8 sales tax included.

I decided to go with chef’s recommendation of a Tailgate Dog while my friend went with The Kamakazi and a side of Chili Cheese Fries.

Look at this beautiful work of creation:


Does that not make you salivate and make your stomach rumble louder than a stampede of bulls?

The Tailgate dog on the left was a 100% beef frankfurter parked in a toasted bun topped with seasoned grilled chicken, onions, tomatoes and chipotle sauce. It. Was. AMAZING. So so so good! My friend’s Kamakazi was a 100% beef frankfurter parked in a toasted sweet Hawaiian bun topped with seaweed, Japanese seasoning, Japanese Mayo, spicy sauce, a special sauce, bacon and grilled onions!

Apparently it was the best mix ever so highly recommended! Try this food truck and I guarantee you won’t leave disappointed. Cheap prices and filling hot dogs would make any food lover happy!

Their Facebook Page:

Their Twitter Page:

Thanks For Reading!

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