Soulnese Food Truck

Asian food for the soul? Sounds legit.

I ran into this beauty of a food truck with my dad at the Movable Feast at San Pedro Square in downtown San Jose.

Founded by two real brothers with a common vision and two “brothers”; Brother Yin and Brother Yang were respectively raised in classic neo-soul and Filipino heritage, with a fine appreciation of all things food. They launched their food truck about a year ago during September and have since picked up a solid following on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Just a little disclaimer, for the rest of the pictures on here, I’m borrowing better quality pictures from Yelp because the pictures I took on my phone are too blurry to be of any use on the blog.

If you click on the menu picture and following food picture of what I ate, it should link you to specified Yelp profile I borrowed from.

Legality issues aside, their menu is usually written on a white board as shown on the left. They have a good variety and mix of Asian food that I am told is rotated or changed every couple visits.

When I visited, I chose the Bubba Chen Chicken Plate ($9) with one extra Soul Stix ($2) of shrimp.

Lucky for me, after enough digging through the internet, I found a picture that was almost identical to what I ordered.

The fried chicken was perfectly crispy with just the right amount of batter and not overcooked in the slightest. Juicy chicken always me happy! The basil fried rice definitely beats Panda Express‘ fried rice also. The Soul Stix was just weird. I still don’t know how I feel about it even as I type it. Imagine a spicy hot dog wrapped around a honey walnut shrimp. It was…different. Not bad but not good either.

Overall, I think this food truck is a good representation of Asian foods out there but it definitely plays with its own creations and mixes that keep it new and refreshing. Prices can range from $3.50-$10 but if you want the most bang for you buck, I recommend getting the sample platter or the Bubba Chen Chicken Plate!

Their Official Website:

Their Facebook Page:

Their Twitter Page:

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