Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie

Ever seen a fancy food truck that serves whole rotisserie chickens?

Well now you have.

This food trucks shows up at almost every farmer’s market around the Bay Area.

Herb infused, free range rotisserie chicken, organic rosemary fingerling potatoes, tender Sonoma Valley lamb and juicy, crispy porchetta are just a few of the tantalizing delights that have earned Roli Roti the nickname, ‘Grandfather of Gourmet Street Food’.I happened to be walking through the farmer’s market held at San Pedro Square, in downtown San Jose, when I almost broke my neck doing a double take of the chickens roasting before my eyes.

Chickens upon chickens on top of more chickens.

Never have I seen so many chickens cooking so tantalizing right before my very eyes.

The smell of chickens roasting the open air should be considered unfair advertisement. I was drooling before I could even close my mouth.

Luckily, I wasn’t the only one salivating at the delicious aroma wafting from this food truck because a crowd had already formed ahead of me clambering for a rotisserie chicken Roli Roti is known for.

When I finally managed to get close enough to look at the prices, I was actually very surprised.

I was expecting double digits at the least but only a full chicken was $12. Half a chicken was $6.50 and the Roli Combo which had 1/4 of a chicken with a side of potatoes was only $6!

I couldn’t wait to dish out some money to satisfy my chicken craving but alas. I somehow managed to forget my wallet at home. Total face palm. I know. I have to write a post on it though because I can’t get that food truck out of my head.

Doing my own research I found out the founder, Thomas Odermatt was a son of a Swiss ‘Metzgermeister’, or master butcher and learned the importance of choosing only select, free range meats raised by trusted family farms.

Cool huh? Anyways, the San Pedro’s Farmer’s Market is held every Saturday so be sure to check it out. I know I’m definitely coming back next Saturday!

Their Official Website:

Their Facebook Page:

Their Twitter Page:

Thanks for reading!

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