Semi Farewell?

Well this is my 20th post and the last requirement for my campaign blog this semester.

I felt like this an appropriate picture to express my joy… Haha I rock the blue snuggie.

Anyways, the reason I’m titling this post “Semi-Farewell” is because even though the requirements for this class is over, I will still be updating this blog with my food truck adventures in the upcoming future.I don’t see myself falling out of love with food and I don’t see a reason to stop blogging about food trucks anytime soon. I love the food truck scene and since I started this blog, I have became an advocate for food trucks around the world.

Food Trucks are great ways to eat fast food service with restaurant quality food. They incorporate the way of future social media integration for food capitalizing on Facebook and Twitter. When you eat out a food truck, socialization is different than eating a restaurant. At a restaurant, you talk to your party alone while eating at a food truck, you’re standing around and talking with other fellow food lovers.

Plus the food. Oh the food. All the new fusions of different types of food have made my stomach more happy than I’ve dreamed possible. I highly doubt that I would have found more than half the food I ate at a food truck in some regular restaurant. For example the Donut Burger? I don’t see that being a menu item in any restaurant anytime soon.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed blogging about food trucks more than I thought possible. The atmosphere, the different foods and all the adventures hunting them down. I can’t imagine finding a better passion that involves food and blogging.

So on that note, I would like to thank all of you readers out there and those who have liked or followed me over the course of the semester. I might not be posting as often as I did this upcoming semester but I’ll still make this blog active as often as I can.

Thanks For Reading.

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