An The Go

Garlic. Noodles. Can you say YES?!

The An Family started serving Garlic Noodles when they first opened their first restaurant, Thanh Long, in 1971. Their popularity spread so much that the An Family was able to open another restaurant called Crustacean and go mobile.

An The Go Food Truck is Vietnamese based and their name is a little pun by pronouncing the “An” like “Anh” or “On”.

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How exotic does Peruvian Sangucheria sound to you?

The Sanguchon Food Truck was founded by Chef Carlos Altamirano, the owner of three Bay Area award winning restaurants: Mochica, Piqueos and La Costanera, winner of 2012-2013 Michellin Star!

I have never tried Peruvian food but it sounds exotic enough to tickle my taste buds of curiosity. So when I found this foreign beauty of mobile appeal my stomach made up my mind. Continue reading

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Sam’s ChowderMobile

Sam’s Lobster Roll is among the Top Five Sandwiches in America according to NBC’s The Today Show.

Now if that doesn’t get your attention, you obviously don’t like sandwiches or lobster.

This mouthwatering sandwich sensation originated in Sam’s Chowder House overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Half Moon Bay. Their scrumptious food became so popular and well-liked that they decided to go mobile like other success stories.

When I heard that Sam’s ChowderMobile was going to be at the Movable Feast on Friday, I had to go with no hesitations. Continue reading

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Some Thoughts

Just because I feel like this is an issue relevant enough to address: the debate on whether or not to eat a food truck because of prices.

Since this blog is mainly targeted at college students, I understand college students are on a “college student budget”, however I don’t think that should be a major dissuasive factor for trying out food trucks.

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The newest cupcake truck in San Jose, FairyCakes, made its debut at the Movable Feasts March 2012 and has been growing in popularity since. On its grand opening, FairyCakes sold out in under three hours entering the feast attached to a tow truck.

Now, I don’t know about any of my other readers out there but a food truck who puts in the effort to still show up attached to a tow truck has my respect. Perseverance will get you far and paired dedication and loyalty to your customers will never hurt your business.

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Ever wonder what one of the perks of being a food truck blogger?

People start to tell you about upcoming food trucks to review and try out.

This Tuesday, some Filipino friends of mine told me to go try out this Filipino food truck (yumsilog) on campus that I have never heard of, so needless to say, I went out and tried it.

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Curry UpNow

Indian Street Food… Honestly, I have never been the biggest fan of Indian food because I’m not huge on the whole ‘mouth-on-fire’ effect that I tend to get trying their dishes.

However, putting fears and previous experiences aside, I decided to plunge in the world of spice and curry.

I found this colorful food truck screaming for my attention parked in another Movable Feast I attended. The line of people was decently long and the aroma wafting out was the last straw in deciding to try it out for myself.

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